The new digital Mode - SIM-PSK 31/63 versus PSK-31/63

09-10-2016 16:51

New digimode based on BPSK varicode - DOWNLOAD ? CLICK HERE

What is the SIM mode?
After PSK mode, already described in these web pages with the program "DIGIPAN",
for a few months, a new digital mode has made its coming into the freeware programs designed by and for hams.
This is the SIM_PSK 31/63 (Integrated Structured Message BPSK31)
In six months, this freeware has evolved a lot, it is still in testing phase, but comparative tests have shown that it works very well on HF, VHF and UHF, in SSB and FM.
automatic QSO mode :
SIM_PSK has now a "automatic QSO mode ", very useful for testing, the study of the propagation, but also and especially for the beginners, because they can observe how to use the software, without having to intervene during the QSO.
Speed / performance :
To increase the reliability and speed of transmission, the program includes "macros" that have their own varicode and that can be selected to define each stage of a contact.
CHAT mode :
The "chat mode" allows sending free text. It can therefore be used to send informations not included into the macros, or to chat with friends, BUT in this case, each character is encoded separately, so you lose the advantage of speed obtained by the words and / or phrases having their own varicode ! Therefore the chat mode also reduces the robustness of code against interferences.
Language selection :
SIM_PSK is the only software by which you can communicate in your own language, and allowing your opposite number to receiving in the language of its choice (among the languages programmed in the software) ...
Automatic selection mode :
Recently, the program received a new tab, allowing to choose an "automatic selection mode"
This tab should be used only for decoding, in reception.
If you initiate a call do not use this tab ! select the button "SIM mode" provided.
The designer of this software, Nizar Ben Rejeb is a Tunisian SWL. Several OM's are actively contributing to help him by testing, debugging, and distributing via this website.
They are : ( for belgian Hamradio stations ) Bernard ON2TSF - Didier ON5DVO - Michel ON7TV - Paco EA5GVJ (ON6LP) and yours truly, Dany ON4NB, but many people from other countries are also of a great help for us...