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The new digital Mode - SIM-PSK 31/63 versus PSK-31/63

09-10-2016 16:51
New digimode based on BPSK varicode - DOWNLOAD ? CLICK HERE What is the SIM mode? After PSK mode, already described in these web pages with the program "DIGIPAN", for a few months, a new digital mode has made its coming into the freeware programs designed by and for hams. This is the SIM_PSK 31/63...

Balloon Fox Hunting - Ballon Vossenjacht 13-09-2015

13-09-2015 00:00
Balloon Fox Hunting - The annual event for the 37th time. More info: www.ballonvossenjacht. I have some pictures taken that were heard from the transponder 70cm (432.550MHz in / out 2mtr 145 475 MHz My Qth: Glanerbrug - JO32LE.. Click on this link to see my video:...

PC2D Ameland Island

27-01-2015 19:28
From February 13 until February 16 Frank (PC2D) - together with Monique (DO3MKT), William (DO3WKS), Rudi (PA4UNX), Gerard (PA7CW) & Arnold (PD2C) - will be active from Ameland Island (EU-038). They will be QRV on all bands 160m to 10m on SSB and CW. During their stay on Ameland Island they will...

D-Star HF.?

06-01-2015 11:05
Since Januari 2015, i'm also QRV on D-Star, Ofcourse on VHF/UHF....  I'm waiting to make my first D-STAR QSO on the HF Freq!  Here some HF freq. i found on the internet :  3.630, 7.070 *, 14.130 UK *, 14,280 USA, 18.150, 21.180, 24.960, 28.330 *, 50.630, 70.487.50 UK  I...

SSTV Transmissions from the International Space Station Set for December 18 and 20

11-12-2014 10:39
The Russian Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) team members plan to activate slow-scan television (SSTV) from the ISS on December 18 and December 20. The expected SSTV mode will be PD180 on a frequency of 145.800 MHz with 3-minute off periods between transmissions....

My First Digital QSO outside Europe on 40 Mtr

21-11-2014 17:08
First Digital JT65HF Qso on 40 mtrs with VK6IR - Special About this. I'm Using A Wired Antenne G5RV/JUNIOR Very Low at the Ground!   CONFIRM WITH A E-QSL! 

Info about Youtube Movie "Qso vanaf oerd met pd3him"

15-11-2014 13:44
On the Youtube Movie you see Frank ( PC2D) and Rudi (Pa4unx) talking on a Boat (Terschelling - Harlingen) with Me via CoVersity system. Frank's first MM Qso..;-)
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